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Virtual Learning Content

Virtual programs, videos, activities, coloring pages, and more!
Photo: Camilla Cerea

Virtual Learning Content

Virtual programs, videos, activities, coloring pages, and more!

April Programs

Check out our April virtual program in partnership with the Dallas Public Library!

Blackland Prairie with Trinity River Audubon Center
Saturday, April 24, 3pm - 4pm
Please register at:

Dallas is situated within an ecoregion known as the Blackland Prairie. This unique grassland originally stretched from the Red River to San Antonio, but today only small fragments of this ecosystem remain intact. Join the folks from the Trinity River Audubon Center to learn about the history of the Blackland Prairie, the native flora and fauna, and how you can help bring the prairie back to life!

This program is available online only. Registration is required for interaction. Details on how to participate will be emailed. Emails may go to your spam folder.

Virtual Content

Are you looking for ways to incorporate birds into your curriculum or activities you can do with your kids at home? We share resources on this page from both our network team across the country and our local center education staff. You can also check out our Facebook Page and Youtube Channel for new content!

Audubon Adventures

Check out Audubon Adventures, the National Audubon Society's award winning, online curriculum resource!

Audubon for Kids

Check out the fun and educational activities at Audubon for Kids, available in both Spanish and English. There is a new bird-related theme each week with activities for kids of all ages.

Educational Videos

The Great Backyard Bird Count

TRAC Trail Feature: Trinity River Trail

Tea Time with Zeff

Let's Make Some Juice

Turtle Action TV

Weekly TRAC Facts: Herpetofauna

Weekly TRAC Facts: Enviornmentally Friendly

All About our Animal Ambassadors

Audubon Texas State of the Centers July 2020

Nature in Your Backyard

The Kestrel's Birthday

The Barred Owl's Birthday

How To Draw a Bird

Weekly TRAC Facts: Spring Migration & Window Strikes

Weekly TRAC Facts: Eastern Hognose Snake

Weekly TRAC Facts: Texas Dandelion

Weekly TRAC Facts: Unusual Things in Nature

Weekly TRAC Facts: Blackland Prairie Native Plants

Weekly TRAC Facts: Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Weekly TRAC Facts: Black Willow Tree

Weekly TRAC Facts: Native Milkweed as Monarch Larval Hosts

North Texas Blooms: Texas Baby Blue-Eyes

North Texas Blooms: Wild Garlic

North Texas Blooms: Dwarf Sorrel Broomrape

North Texas Blooms: Philadelphia Fleabane

Where Birds Thrive, People Prosper!

I Used to Bird, Now I'm a Bird Challenge

Coloring Pages

In honor of 2018's Year of the Bird, Trinity River Audubon Center's former Volunteer Coordinator, Ann Huey, created this special edition coloring sheet to celebrate our feathered friends. See the Downloadable Resources below.

National Audubon Society's Live Spring Migration Show

Join National Audubon Society for I Saw A Bird: Audubon's Spring Migration Show each Wednesday on Facebook Live or Zoom, at 7 p.m., ET. Questions from the audience about birds are answered while speaking with fellow Audubon staff, outside experts, and special guests. Click here to learn more. 
Click here to watch this week's episode on Facebook.

Community Science Links

What is Community (Citizen) Science?



Christmas Bird Count

Project Feeder Watch

Great Backyard Bird Count

Downloadable Resources

How you can help, right now