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Prairie Restoration and Service Learning

Contribute to Science-based Conservation

Photo: UTD Service Learning Fall 2021

Service Learning is an educational approach that combines learning objectives with community service in order to meet societal needs and enhance professional experience. Our Service Learning program is designed for High School and College students, allowing individuals to positively impact environmental issues while obtaining knowledge and experience in the conservation field. Our program serves as a natural complement the teacher’s curriculum. By participating in our Service Learning program, students have an opportunity to restore a portion of our native landscape. Students will play a vital role in prairie restoration though invasive species removal, plant propagation, and native grass and forb plantings. At the same time, students will further  their knowledge of ecology and ecosystem functions.

Click here to learn more about our program with University of Texas at Dallas this past semester!

To learn more about what we offer and to schedule your Service Learning opportunity, contact Jake Poinsett at or 214.309.5850.

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