Welcome to Trinity River Audubon Center

Photo: Jesse Gordon

Trinity River Audubon Center is located just ten miles south of downtown Dallas, but you'll feel a world away. Our center is your gateway to explore the amazing resources of the 6,000-acre Great Trinity Forest, the largest urban hardwood forest in the United States. Get to know a diverse community of plant and animal species and our unique mixture of bottomland hardwood forest, wetland, and prairie habitat. A part of the City of Dallas-Trinity River Corridor Project, the center's 120 acres sit on a former illegal dump site, now a reclaimed haven for a vast array of birds and other wildlife in an increasingly urbanized metropolitan area. 

A branch of the National Audubon Society, Trinity River Audubon Center is a nonprofit organization, which means supporting us by visiting, telling a friend, or becoming a member helps to educate tens of thousands of North Texas students about science, conservation, and the ecosystems in which they live. Checkout our events, sign up for a class, or simply drop by for a hike. 

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Volunteer Meet and Greet

Volunteer Meet and Greet

Saturday, January 28, 2017 at 10:00am


School Programs

School Programs

Introduce your students to nature, and a better understanding TEKS-aligned science concepts.

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