Nature Tots

Guided Exploration for Tiny Explorers!
Photo: Faizel Ismail

In this two-hour program specifically designed for Preschool and Kindergarten students, Audubon educators lead students on an adventure through nature.  This program was developed with Dallas-area earling learing experts and is aligned to the state's guidelines for Preschool Education and to the Kindergarten Science TEKS. 

Nature Tots features strong literacy connections through nature-themed stories, live animal encounters, and nature walks in which children use their senses to engage with the world around them.


$6 per student, 1 adult free for every 5 students, $6 per additional adult

80 student maximum (actual maximum varies by day); groups of less than 25 pay a base rate of $150.00.

Questions?  Call Claire Howell at 214-309-5815 or email

To request booking, please complete our Academic Program Request Form.

This program supports the Texas Education Agency Preschool Guidelines and the following Science TEKS for Kindergarten: 1abc, 2abcde, 3b, 4ab, 7b, 9ab, 10a

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