Homeschool Mondays

Trinity River Audubon Center Homeschool Mondays provide an opportunity for homeschoolers to participate in a single or a series of Audubon Adventure Homeschool Classes or Eco-Investigation field trip opportunities designed specifically for homeschool audiences.

Audubon Adventure Homeschool Classes

Audubon Adventure Homeschool Classes at Trinity River Audubon Center provide an opportunity for homeschoolers to bond with similar aged friends, explore the Great Trinity Forest and Blackland Prairie with experienced naturalist educators, and participate in important conservation projects.  Each class focuses on a different topic; students will spend a portion of the class learning about the topic in the classroom and then head outside to put their learning into practice.

Classes are for homeschoolers ages 8-12 years old (parents and younger/older siblings may wish to participate in family programming available at the same time). 

Time & Seasonality

Classes run from 9am-noon on select Mondays throughout the year.

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Dates and Topics

January 23: Forest Ecology: May the Forest Be With You

January 30: The Fungus Among Us: Nature’s Decomposers

February 6: Look Out the Window: Weather & Climate

February 13: Think Outside the Sink: Water Quality & The Trinity River

February 27: Beneficial Bugs

March 20: Wetlands Wonders

March 27: On the Wing: Bird Beaks and Adaptations

April 3: Wings a Flutter: Butterflies and Moths

April 10: One Square Foot: Insects and Soil

April 17: Slither and Slime: Reptiles and Amphibians

May 1: Prairie Plant Anatomy

May 8: How is Everything Connected? A Closer look at Food Chains and Webs

May 15: Stand for the Trees!

May 22: Scat, Skin and Skulls of Mammals

What to Bring

Dress to conditions, Sunscreen and Insect Repellant as needed


$30 per student per class

Members receive a 10% discount, please call or check your email for your discount code.

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For more information or if you have additional questions, please contact Chris Johnson, Senior Education Manager, at or 214-309-5815.

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